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Preferred by Presidents

Olamendi's Mexican Restaurant and Gourmet Foods Founder, Don Jorge Olamendi, had the great honor and privilege to have met and to have been friends with President Richard Nixon. Don Jorge prepared this hot sauce especially for President Nixon during his many visits to Olamendi's Restaurant and took great pride in the fact that President Nixon called Olamendi's Mexican Restaurant his favorite Mexican Restaurant. Don Jorge offers you this special hot sauce so that you can enjoy it with your family and friends. Viva President Nixon and God Bless the United States

We are beyond excited to announce that our new Family Market in Laguna Niguel is open!


Please visit us and take a look at our selection including your favorite Olamendi's products like
"Olamendi's Salsa", "Guacamole" or "Café de la Olla". 

Pick up a fresh brewed coffee on you way to work or stop by our deli and pick up delicious salads and Barbacoa Tacos for dinner. 


2015 Best Cocktails in America: Olamendi’s Oro

Nov 09, 2015

Not only has America’s love for cocktails grown tremendously in recent years, so has the skill of those who prepare them.

Restaurant Hospitality’s editorial staff selected 16 top cocktails prepared by mixologists around the country.

Category: Tequila/Mescal

Restaurant: Olamendi’s Mexican Cuisine, Dana Point, CA

Creator: Jorge (George) Olamendi III

Inspiration: “The centuries-old, worldwide culture of creating spirits and drinking unique cocktails

and wanting to be a significant part of this great tradition was my inspiration.”

Key Ingredients: Olamendi’s organic Anejo Tequila, Olamendi’s Orange Cognac Liqueur, Lychees

What the Judges Said: "So you think you take your cocktail program seriously? You’ve got nothing on the Olamendi family. First they make their own tequila; world-class tequila using organic Weber’s blue agave that’s aged for five years in white oak barrels. They also work with the oldest cognac house in France to create their own brand of cognac liqueur. Who does that? There’s so much care taken in the creation of this cocktail, little things like the addition of lychees in their mix. After the first sip of this cocktail, you know you’ll be back again for another, and next time you’ll be better dressed because the Olamendis deserve your respect."